Best smile ever!

Best smile ever!

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Karen Gillan - Esquire US - August 2014

Karen Gillan - Esquire US - August 2014

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Karen Gillan tells a funny joke - Esquire USA, August 2014.

Karen Gillan tells a funny joke - Esquire USA, August 2014.

Q: For Guardians Of The Galaxy, you had to cut all of your hair off. […] Were you ever tempted during the shaving process to ask for them to give you a mohawk, if only for a moment?
A: Ah, no, they didn’t! They sort of, well, separated all my hair, and then cut it, and then shaved it. They wanted to preserve as much as possible to make into a wig for me. Not the one I was wearing at Comic-Con - that was a terrible synthetic wig that I had just picked up and shoved on, because my real hair wig hadn’t been made yet. Always the way, eh?
But now I have my real hair wig - my real hair, as a wig. I keep it at the end of my bed, on top of a mannequin head. (Laughs) It’s just a reminder, sitting there. Sometimes I just gaze at it of a morning. It’s a weird world. Sometimes I’ll wear it out, then sometimes I’ll take it off mid-way through the evening, get other people to try it on.

Q: Have there been many other pranking opportunities outside of Comic-Con?
A: I feel like there should have been so many. Well, I’ve definitely pulled it off in front of people who weren’t expecting it. They have a really cartoonish reaction, normally: their jaws open and they don’t say anything for a while. And then everyone immediately wants to wear it, of course. Actually, here’s a tip: if you don’t want to get hit on at a party, just take your wig off.
Q: Going back to the Comic-Con reveal, was that in any way a planned thing?
A: No! Actually, it was really on the spur of the moment. Well, it was sort of planned, but only minutes beforehand. I had the wig on already, because Marvel had already told me they didn’t want me to be bald in front of anybody else. They didn’t ask me to pull it off during the panel, they just wanted me to not be bald until the panel. So I was like, “Okay, so I’ll go out bald.” Then someone, my agent or something, was like, “I don’t think anyone is going to know who you are if you walk out bald…” I said, “Maybe I should put the wig on then.” Then he was like, “Just take it off mid-way!” “Really?”

Scottish bombshell Karen Gillan — a.k.a. Doctor Who companion Amy Pond — shows off a slinky, sultry side in an interview and photo spread for Shortlist. Not only does Karen give good face, but apparently she has legs as long as all time and space. As my girl Lenora Crichlow would say, “Fit! Fit! Fit! Fit!”
When asked if it was tedious to have all the blue makeup put on for her role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Gillan said, “It wasn’t tedious, but it did take five hours every morning, which is a long time to be sitting in one place. So it was tough mentally just to kind of sit there and not sort of go stir crazy. But also, it was really worth it, because when I was finished, people were audibly gasping when I would walk around.”
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@KarenGillan2: Bear in mind I’m almost 6ft in these heels… pic.twitter.com/vy4vourzn2

@KarenGillan2: Bear in mind I’m almost 6ft in these heels…

He may not be in the business, but her father, John, was an amateur singer, performing at open-mic nights in local pubs. “We love a bit of karaoke,” she explains. “We call it Karen-oke.” Her own number is Fever by Peggy Lee “in a full Scottish accent”. That’s pretty sultry, I say. “Not with the Scottish accent,” she deadpans. While she was initially shy when it came to performing, music came early in her life, after her father introduced her to the work of Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. “That was my first love,” she says.
Karen Gillan on her new life in Hollywood - and shaving off her red locks for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy tmrrw pic.twitter.com/Lx6xY9sPGT

Karen Gillan on her new life in Hollywood - and shaving off her red locks for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy tmrrw

A sexy female rookie, Newblood (Karen Gillan), has joined Cloth’s team. At her first crime scene the team discover the body of Cloth’s brother, Terry Cloth (John Hannah). Newblood finds a few clues that have been overlooked earning her Cloth’s attention. Cloth traces Terry’s past back to a remote healing therapy centre, The Healery, in the village of Funtcuck. Cloth believes The Healery is a cult and suspects Vull (Adrian Dunbar), the sinister leader, of murdering his brother.

Whilst Vull is being questioned down at the station, another shooting has occurred in the City of Town. And a case that was already uncomfortably personal for Cloth soon becomes excruciatingly more so as he discovers the victim is an ex-girlfriend. Cloth realises he is on the wrong trail – a serial killer is hunting down people who have a personal connection to him meaning Oldman’s (Suranne Jones) life is in danger. Can Cloth save Oldman? Can Cloth save himself?