@jdfffn: With Karen Gillan figure 4 what? Why does every one try to make me tap hahaha. JDF karengillan2 instagram.com/p/m-2yzQjsgk/

@jdfffn: With Karen Gillan figure 4 what? Why does every one try to make me tap hahaha. JDF karengillan2 

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I got to have story time with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan!
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But what this film really has going for it is an incredibly feisty, energetic performance by Karen Gillan, of Doctor Who and super cute red hair fame

To play the sadistic villain Nebula in Marvel’s cosmic action adventure, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” set for release Aug. 1, she shaved her head, saying goodbye to her signature red tresses and undergoing rigorous stunt training – or, in Gillan’s words, “action hero boot camp.”

“She’s got a cybernetic arm, a cybernetic eye, she’s completely blue and bald and she’s like a master of weaponry,” Gillan said. “Whenever I would walk around, people were literally gasping at me, and I was like, ‘Sure, this is worth five hours [in the makeup chair] for this.’

“The transformational aspect of that … that’s what I want to be as an actress,” she continued. I want to play completely different things that are so far removed from myself. I want to be a character actress — it’s all about choices, really. I want to make the right ones.”

As a big fan of Amelia Pond, I’ll admit that the thing that attracted me to this movie was Gillan. After leaving the TARDIS, the actress boarded a number of different projects to expand her repertoire. Prior to this, she appeared in a romantic comedy called ‘Not Another Happy Ending’ and the Adult Swim show ‘NTSF:SD:SUV’. Then, later this summer, she’ll appear in Marvel Studios’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ as the villainous space pirate Nebula. And while many fans are looking forward to that role, they shouldn’t overlook her involvement in ‘Oculus’. For starters, her American accent is pretty spot on. If I hadn’t been familiar with her from her time as Matt Smith’s companion on that long-running sci-fi BBC show, then I probably wouldn’t have guessed that she was Scottish. In addition to that, she played the role of Kaylie very well. We’ve seen the actress tackle some dark and scary stuff as Amy, but she took it to another level here as she played a calculating, determined, and borderline obsessed young woman on a mission to absolve her family.
The real star of this film, though — and this surprised me — is Karen Gillan. Like Sackhoff, Gillan is a name well known to sci-fi fans for her role as Amy Pond. I was never a fan of Gillan before this movie. Unlike Sackhoff, who had the genius of Ronald D Moore behind her, Gillan was backed by Stephen Moffat, who knows more about writing for imagined alien species than he does about writing for women. Gillan officially won me over here, and this is a great role for her. She weaves in and out of smart and secure to damaged and terrifying and back again with ease. This character straddles a tricky line between self aware (she seems somewhat conscious of the genre tropes she is following) and neurotically and obsessively insane, and Gillan manages to pull this off and really owns this character. Although she too may be leaving horror for more intergalactic pastures (next up, Guardians of the Galaxy) , in my opinion she is a welcome addition to our dysfunctional horror family and will always have a spot in our demonic pantheon. To have an actress I didn’t like steal this film away from one of my favorite actresses is quite an accomplishment, and I’m excited to see more of her work.

HC: “Doctor Who” fans will be excited to see Karen Gillan starring in an American film.

MF: I’m a huge “Doctor Who” fan. She was the first name that I threw out when we had our first conversation about casting. There was a lot of that Amy Pond voice in our heads while we were writing. You almost never get your first choice, but I thought Karen brings that spitfire intensity and strength everywhere she goes. For a character like this, she’s hopefully a unique heroine in the genre because she’s more prepared for the monster in this movie than just about any other character I can think of. She’s way ahead of us as an audience, and we think at least for a long time that she might be way ahead of the mirror. There aren’t as many actors out there that I think are as strong as Karen. It’s really hard to think of Karen Gillan as a victim.

Whether shifting back and forth between past and present, swirling us around in nightmarish hallucinations or gleefully messing with perceptions of reality, Oculus is terrifically and disturbingly entertaining. It’s persuasively acted by the whole cast, it’s beautifully lit and photographed and it’s miles better than so many other shriek-and-shock hits of the past few years. The movie certainly goes for the throat, yet it’s subtler in its spookiness, with Flanagan delivering the goods but staying clear of CGI or clichéd shock stuff.
I would probably dig Karen’s personality if she were like Amy on “Doctor Who”: cool, confident and adventurous. However, the fact that she’s more like a clumsy nerd-girl with a permanent case of the giggles makes me love her so much more. Honestly, the real reason Karen’s being offered all these roles lately probably has something to do with her being such a delightful sweetheart. Who wouldn’t want to work around that? On top of that, she’s gorgeous and doesn’t seem the least bit superficial. She shaved her head for a role in a comic book movie. ‘Nuff said.
'The Fires Of Pompeii', now 6 years old. And guess who this was…

'The Fires Of Pompeii', now 6 years old. And guess who this was…

Former Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan leaves the biggest impression as the woman trying to prove its supernatural powers. She delivers a fantastic and subtle performance that doesn’t rely on the usual horror acting tropes of screams and startles. This is obviously a person who has gone through a rough childhood, but Gillan also injects moments of humour in places where they don’t feel inappropriate. She brings so much life and believability to Kaylie and every time she is saying her dialogue, attention is one hundred percent on her. This is the kind of performance that deserves to receive awards attention by year’s end, but due to the genre, it will most likely be ignored. While she impressed many with her work on Doctor Who, Oculus shows she has the capabilities to be an effective and memorable leading lady in horror movies and other pictures.

Q: How did you get Karen Gillan’s pony tail to swing back and forth like that?

A: She did that herself. I don’t know how she did it. The funny thing is that it’s scripted. I think the line in the script was, “Her pony tail swings back and forth like a pendulum as she walks down the hallway.” Karen just did that. I don’t know what her secret is to pull that off. That’s Karen Gillan.

Just a Whovian Living Out Her Nightmare of a Dream

If Karen Gillan’s presence in Oculus isn’t a major draw for you, you’ve clearly never wanted to take a ride in the TARDIS. Unlike, you know, the millions of Doctor Who fans out there, all of whom fell in love with Gillan’s character, Amy Pond, throughout her two-and-a-half seasons as the time-traveling humanoid Doctor’s righthand woman.